Lingang International Smart Manufacturing Centre Programme

Shanghai is now aiming to become a world-leading Science and Technological Innovation Centre of Global Influence. Lingang has been included in this programme to be one of the six core functional areas to implement that strategy. Lingang’s task is to make the industrial area of the city to be an international Smart Manufacturing Centre in which projects within “Industry 4.0” and “Made in China 2025” Schemes are welcomed.

Lingang Inno-city Programme

Lingang aims to create the best environment for entrepreneurs and new businesses. Lingang Inno-city is 3.2 km2 large by the sea. Upon completion, it will be a golden beach area by the Hangzhou Bay where people can enjoy sunshine and the blue sea. This city will be a home for entrepreneurs who can incubate their projects. This city offers the best policies in Shanghai and will become the place where entrepreneurs’ dreams will be realized.

Low Carbon Development

Lingang’s natural environment makes the city already a low-carbon city. Environmental technologies are welcomed to be developed in Lingang so as to make the city more smartly green. Lingang offers the application market of low carbon technologies. Low carbon value chain is complete in Lingang.