In order to deliver macroscopic control and to coordinate all resources from both the public and private sectors to take their roles in the development of Lingang, the City Government of Shanghai established a special administration or Shanghai Lingang New City Administration in 2003 to fully represent the Shanghai government to manage and promote the development of Lingang. A Vice Mayor of Shanghai presides at the Administration as its Director-General.

The Administration operates as the central leadership in the development of Lingang until 2009 when the previous Nanhui District where Lingang is located was merged into the previous Pudong New Area. The merge split the Administration into two parts. The original Lingang New City Administration became Shanghai Lingang Industrial Area Administration responsible for the sub-areas excluding the Urban Zone or the current New Nanhui City while the Urban Zone started to be managed by a newly-established Lingang New City Administration but owned by the district-government of Pudong. In order to protect the original name, Nanhui, for the southern part of the new Pudong after the 2009 merge, the latter Lingang New City Administration was renamed as New Nanhui City Administration in 2012.

In 2012, in order to promote the concerted development between industries and urbanisation of Lingang, the two administrations set up in 2009 were recombined into one single agency as Shanghai Lingang Area Development Administration.

At the same time, the original Shengang Sub-district Office and Luchaogang Town, two sub-district-level offices of Pudong government were fused together to form a township-level government of Pudong, that is, People’s Government of New Nanhui City, the major responsibility of which is to provide community services to the residents in the area that the original Shengang Sub-district Office and Luchaogang Town covered.

The current Shanghai Lingang Area Development Administration and People’s Government of New Nanhui City deliver daily operations in the same venue and a Vice Mayor of Shanghai is still the Head of the Administration but the daily operation is managed by the Executive Director who also takes the position as Vice Governor of Pudong New Area so as to coordinate liaison with the district government of Pudong.

The major responsibilities of Shanghai Lingang Area Development Administration include but not limited to:

I. To make, modify, and implement development plans, working plans, industrial policies and other administrative regulations on the development of Lingang Area (315 km2 wide, including Fengxian Zone)

II. To deliver examination and approval on investment projects in Lingang Area.

III. To deliver regular administrations on construction projects and ensure environmental protection.

IV. To carry out preliminary examination and approval on application from enterprises for accreditation of “A High-Tech/New-Tech Company”, or “A Software Company”, or “A Project Successful in Industrialising New or High Technologies” and to manage funding programmes for high-tech development.